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You have a project on hand, your vision and guidelines. You need to have it done, accomplished, finished, or just out of your hair.

We will work around your schedule, keep you updated on the progress and pay attention to details. We utilize latest equipment like dustless sanders, airless sprayer that amount to the most efficient and quality results.

Our ultimate goal is that you want to hire us again when another project arises or confidently volunteer our company name when someone asks: “Do you have a painter guy?”

Specialized Painters for Every Job

Historic building with intricate moldings, railings and wall ornaments require paintbrush, patience and caution. New construction multi-unit building on a tight schedule requires quick and accurate spray. We know the difference.

Choose From Over 200 Color Samples

Sometime choosing a color might be overwhelming. How do colors go with each other? We’ll help you balance palette out with our samples.

Free Quote & Consultations

We love meeting new people. One of us will come, take a look at the project and learn about your ideas for how it should go down. Drop us a line.

Interior Services


Adding a fresh coat of paint can completely transform the interior of your home. But painting shouldn’t be a chore.


If a plain wall is too boring and you envision something more fancy, variety of painting technics like Sponging, Rag Rolling, Color Wash, Strie or just Polka Dot can be used to decorate your space

Doors & Baseboards

Priming and painting baseboards white accurately when the floors are finished is a tedious task, that requires precision, steady hand and caring of surroundings. Stripping unique doors or antique baseboards and moldings are the challenging tasks that our professional team can handle.

Staining & Refinishing

Multitude of stains, variety of manufacturers and mixes can really raise questions on which one to pick. Matching newly introduced furniture or shelving elements requires knowledge of how the final product would look when it dries. We can use years of experience with these tasks to deliver the best results possible.


Your kitchen needs a facelift, but you’re on the budget? Not a problem. Consider repainting the kitchen cabinets and save yourself thousands! Choose the right palette, appropriate primer and paint for the job and you will enjoy it for years to come!

Outdoor Services

Window frames

Painting window frames in Chicago to refresh the look or change boring white paint for a darker one to have your windows stand out, generate some curb appeal requires precision, steady hand and patience. Upgrade your landscape impression when looking at it thru the newly painted windows.


Decks take a lot of beating from elements and your family members. But they do not have to look dull or aged. Let’s have them stained or painted. There are stains that contain special chemicals that can preserve your deck wood for years to come, provided you do not skip your TLC.


Building fence is a huge investment that serves a purpose. But do not get too comfortable, as fences deteriorate quicker when not properly taken care of. Whether you want it to melt down into surroundings, stand out bright and tall or show your creative side and have it decorated, throwing a coat of paint onto the fence, varnishing it or staining just like a deck is always a good idea.


Asphalt driveways, paved masonry driveways or patios, intricate decorative retaining wall or even concrete garage floors require periodic coat of water sealant. We will thoroughly clean and/or power wash those surfaces before application of the sealant.

pressure Washing

Spring deck cleaning, preparation of the house for sale, making patio feel fresh and almost new can be made by the magic of power washing. Proper strategies and painstaking accuracy as well as our professional equipment are required to deliver spotless (literally) results.

Design & Consultation

Color Samples

Each paint manufacturer has a wide range of paint colors for various purposes. Whether you need to have just one wall matched to all others or need to paint bathroom that stays foggy after you leave the shower, we will bring a range of color samples, that can be matched to your personality, baby’s gender or recommend a neutral color for the apartment to sell with more success.

Material Samples

There is a wide range of door trims, baseboards, base shoes, crown moldings from different manufacturers. Let’s pick the best combination that would not only service the purpose, but match your style, personality and the purpose of a room.

Interior Design

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Onsite Consultation

Starting your long postponed project is easy. Drop us a line and we will come to your place of project to see how we can make your best vision a reality, what it takes and how to go about it. Schedule a free consultation using the form below and we will even cut your free consultation price in half! 🙂

About Us

Committed to Quality Since 2011

Started as a single guy with paintbrush and a roller, driven by love to the craft and pride looking at the final result after every transformation, the company has diversified and mastered multiple technologies. Experimenting with variety of paints, brands, tools every task can be easily detailed and quickly split into smaller tasks for effective use of tools, time and materials. 


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"Very efficient service; quick consultation and two days later my apartment was ready; these guys were very professional and efficient."

Client Since 1995

“Professional, punctual and excellent workmanship. In my opinion, great value and took out all the time consuming headaches involved when embarking on a project like this. I really was afraid to do it myself.”

Client Since 1995

Andrew was really proactive with color selection and I received the spectacular results. He accommodated our office schedule and we had no downtime, and started new work week in a pleasantly refreshed space.

Client Since 1995

Chicago Painter Guys team really relieved me of headache to get my rental unit ready for new renters at a really tight, end-of-the-month schedule. Thanks, will definitely use them again!

Client Since 1995

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